Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get quite and Get moving!

The beginning of June God was trying to speak to me, but I couldn't hear him with all the clutter I was bringing into my life. I wanted to desperately hear from him. However, I was engaging in extra activities in my life that I knew were not necessarily helping me grow spiritually. ( It wasn't anything horrible either. I just was busy with the kids and piling up my schedule with activities that I didn't have to do. I knew I didn't want to get back into the people pleasing business! I've been there and if you are trying to please people you will only be disappointed! I only want to please God! I knew It was time for me to make changes.)

Many of us know or have heard from God and know the call on our life.  We might not know it exactly but we have somewhat of an idea and we want to fulfill it just can't get over the mountain. We are not willing to let go and do what is necessary to hear from God. We don't want to inconvenience ourselves or have to make the changes that we know God wants from us.  I would never change living my life for God. It outweighs living a life for myself any day. But I will fully admit, It doesn't mean it will always be easy!

What do we do when we want to hear from God?  What do we do if we want to know what to do next? How can we deepen our relationship with our Creator?

First, We need  to get the distractions out of our life! This may look like watching less TV or no tv, turning off your radio or change the type of music you are listening to, disconnecting your FB page, maybe you might even have to spend less time volunteering right now in order to get your life straight?  Ask God to help show you how to prioritize your life and remove the clutter.

Second, of course is pray. Spend time with God alone and through out the day talking to him but also listening to him. By removing the distractions in your life helps you focus on what God is saying.

Third, we wait!  Be prepared we might not always get the answer we are looking for. Remember it's not about you and me it's about God. He might not say anything for awhile either. Sometimes that is really hard for me. But I've learned waiting on God and getting quiet doesn't mean do nothing!  There has been seasons in my life that yes God said don't do anything yet but that didn't mean I sit in a room and twiddle my thumbs or moan and groan!   It meant continue doing what he has me doing.  Training my kids and growing my relationship with my husband and with my God. He had me learning more about him and myself  by reading his word, listening to pastors I admire and being open to learning from the people God put in my life. (Sometimes he might place someone that is really hard for us to love or get along with for that matter to teach us a lesson about ourselves!)  Waiting on God doesn't mean do nothing or sit around and complain either! 
Jesus says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  Matthew 7:7. Nowhere does it say ask, knock and sit around do nothing but complain! 

There is also a time he will tell you to MOVE! We might not be sure exactly what he wants us to do but just walking in faith will help us know what direction he wants us to go. It doesn't mean we might make mistakes and we will be surprised by what God will reveal to us. I don't believe God wants us to be idle with our tongues nor our time. Everything we do should be to his Glory. When we do this we will walk closer to him and to the call on our lives.

What are you waiting for?  Maybe you need to disconnect for awhile so God can help renew your mind and break free from strong holds  or maybe he just want you to believe him and just start moving. Remember, Ask, seek and knock! 

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