Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it time to get out of the nest?

God has placed this love for helping women on my heart for sometime now!  I wasn't exactly what he wanted me to do.  He spoke clearly to me a few years ago about getting my relationship with mark on the right track. My first responsibility is to my husband and kids.  ( of course God is first!)

God has taught me and continues to teach me. He has helped me to depend on him and nothing else. He reminds me I don't need the approval of anyone else. I'm grateful I have a husband who See's me the way God sees me. He encourage me everyday to conquer those negative thoughts and not let the devil win.( I know we only need the approval from God but I will tell you it really helps when you have people in your life that really know and care for you. They see your gifts and talents and never let you give up!  Life can be hard and we need people to speak life.)

I've began feeling God pushing me out of the nest! Telling me its time to start moving. To focus and believe Him.  I tried to make excuses or even hide behind my kids but he knows where to find us! 

As I began walking out again, speaking and writing. I haven't made all the right moves. What I thought what God was having me do has been changing. Yes, I love helping woman grow and look deeper into their lives but it has increased to standing up for family, marriage and helping parents train their kids not according to the world but to the WORD and to help home school  families.  As I'm learning and realizing as my kids are getting older it's so important to surround ourselves with families who want the same thing. To be honest, it's really hard to find people who want to grow deeper with God, put their families first and do life differently. We need to be intentional with everything we do. The world is giving out a completely different message. God has really showed me how I can be different, bring him Glory, stand up for marriage, family and homeschoolers!  He is shifting my ideas, bringing out what has been in my heart, giving me courage to begin to speak on issues that nobody wants to talk about. This could only of happened as I began moving.

If you are feeling God pushing you out of the nest like me and giving you wings to fly but afraid we will fall, don't worry. You might but on the way down and on the way up God will give you his word, his strength and everything in between to get you back flying in the direction he wants you to go!  Begin flying my friend the world is desperately waiting and needing you!

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