Friday, November 11, 2011

When Feeling inadequate God always reminds me of his grace.

Mark and I have been praying for God to place amazing Godly families in our life.  To bring the right teachers and friends not only for us but for our kids as well.  We want to surround our self with people who just want so much more for their life.  I don't mean more as in bigger house, nicer cars or taking elaborate vacations. ( I'm not saying there is anything wrong with those things, if God wants to bless us with those!  I'm all for it if he decides to do so!  You won't hear me complaining!  Those THINGS are not our focus.)  God is sure bringing those people to us.  Its so refreshing to have people who are like minded, people who can love you enough to push you to grow.

Not only is God putting great families in our life, but he is surrounding me personally with Women who really get me!  ( they are Angels to Mark!  I love Friday's because  I  get together with some of these womean  and we talk, talk and more talk!  They are Angels to Mark because I think there is so much his ears can only take.)  There is just something incredible that happens when a group of women on fire for God get together.   It scares the crap out of the enemy!  Some days after I leave these women, the kids are in bed, mark is sleeping and I'm alone I  find myself feeling inadequate.  Doubt starts to creep in and  I wonder if I'm just screwing my kids up more! Its exactly what the devil wants us to believe. I fall to my knees asking God to help me and all my friends. To bring favor to those ones who are truly walking with you not to glorify us but so we can Glorify you. God I know you are looking for a peculiar person to answer your call. God, I don't know how much more peculiar we can be especially me!  It's not easy going against the world. So many people are just waiting for your people to fail so they can point their fingers and laugh. God help the ones who are stuck and questioning their faith.  God do amazing things so they can see you.

Today, As I  was pouring my heart out to God and praying for my family, friends and  giving him all by doubt, inadequacies and insecurities, He said loud and clear, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV. Get up, clear your tears and do what I've called you to do!  I said, thank you Jesus for always reminding me. You are all we need nothing more and nothing less.

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