Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why I decided to get off Facebook!

The last week I decided it was time again to take a break or sabbatical from face book!  Of course, I love connecting with friends and meeting new ones, but I knew it was clogging my brain!  Sometimes there just too much noise and it gets to be difficult to hear God's voice.  I don't want to be focused on everyone Else's opinions and concerned if people like me or not.  I don't want to be focused on how many people like my posts on FB or how many people leave their comments.  My only concern is if I'm doing the will of God and what his thoughts are.  I know that might sound weird to some people and that is OK because I use to think the same thing about people who loved and lived for God, but like the saying goes once you know better you live better! 

I started this year with no junk cluttered in my head!  I started this year with prayer and hoping I end this year doing all God is calling me to do.  I'm so looking forward to the new people he will bring in our life and all the new lessons he will teach me and to keep looking at myself and growing.  I looking forward to serving him and doing what ever he calls me to do.  I pray I don't get ahead of God and wait patiently on him.  I know one of my biggest struggle is not to let the enemy get in my head.  Every time I take another leap of faith and do what God says to do, doubt and negative thoughts enter my head.  The ones that start with nobody will like you, you can't do that,who do you think you are, you're no good.  Thankfully, I know that is not the voice of God and he loves me and he loves you and wants us to do amazing things for him.  Years ago, I let those thoughts stop me in my tracks because I believed them, but not anymore.  I pray through them and know to keep moving forward as hard as it may be sometimes.

We ended the year celebrating with our kids.  We went to the movies, bowled and then celebrated the new year at church.  We wanted to make sure we started the year off right with God first!  It was the best New Year's Eve Mark and I ever had.  Yes, 8  years ago drinking until we puked and passed out seemed like fun and at the time I won't lie I had a blast, but that stuff can only last so long and it starts to creep up to you. The past few years, I haven't gone to bed with any regrets or smelling like puke! (i'm over exacteraging about the puke but you get my point.)  What was so amazing this year  was my family celebrated with God, sang together, prayed together and laughed together!  I couldn't ask for more!  We went to bed with the blessing from God.

I know I will be back on FB in a few weeks!  I need to take time to make sure I start and  this year off right.  To keep moving in the direction God wants me to go and I just know this year is going to be an awesome year!


Dawn M. said...

Awesome Kim!! You are truly following God and doing what is right (althought I'm not just saying that to give you affirmation)! Keep on keepin' on!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

My beautiful friend,
How I wish I could celebrate your freedom with you in person, but alas... I'll have to settle for celebrating with you here. You are a woman committed to your growth and evolution, and it is truly a gift to share it with you. Your decision to hit "pause" on FB and go within, to follow God and quiet the noise of this world is one I wish more of us made. If we did, we'd hear less honking horns and more laughter in the back of a bowling alley. Keep shining, Kim. We need you now more than ever!! Much love!! Cheri

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