Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are people really comparing Christmas to Halloween????

Someone made the comment to me that Christmas is for the kids.  Which, had me thinking (scary I know!).  Do people really think Christmas is just for the kids?  Are they lumping it together with Halloween and other kid events?  What if you don't have kids or you kids are all grown up?   Has our society really gotten that far away from the true meaning of Christmas that its become more of a commercialized holiday? 

Christmas is so much more than Santa and gifts.  I know this part is fun but it shouldn't be the center of celebrating Christmas.  Its about love,  giving and FORGIVING.  It s about being thankful and celebrating with family and friends.  It's about the birth of Jesus and remembering how great God truly is. 

Both Mark and I didn't go to church as kids.  Thankfully,we do now and so do my parents  and they  love it.  Growing up we missed what Christmas was all about. Sure we had great times with family, but its like throwing a big party for your son and daughter and then forgetting to bring the guest of honor or simply not showing up to celebrate their big day.  Yes, have all the fun with family and friends this year but don't forget Jesus is the reason for the season not Target, Walmart or the mall down the street!

This Christmas I encourage you to not forget Jesus and giving church a try!  Having Jesus at your party will help you remember why we celebrate Christmas and its just not for the kids! Plus if you want to give your kids the bes gift and your foucs is on just the kids then give the  gift that they will never forget and will have way after you are gone, and that gift is Jesus!

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