Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to do When Your Neighbor Loses Your Dog!

What do yo do when you ask your neighbor( who is a grown man) to let your dogs out while you are gone and you come home and the  your dog which is 16 yeras old, deaf and blind is missing? 

Last night around midnight we walked into the door from a long ride home from Grand Rapids expecting to find our dogs sleeping.  Instead, we found the back door to our sun room opened, the screed door opened and the door going to our backyard open and one of our dogs missing.

We house sit our neighbors dog for them, so this was one of the first times we asked him to let our dogs out.  When we found kodi missing, we were very upset  especially becasue she is so old.  Mark was up driving around looking for her and I called all the police stations asking if anyone turned her in and the aswers have been NO. 
What do I do?  What do I teach my kids because I know there are lessons to learn from this.  After I made the phone calls and had no luck, I sat the kids in bed and had a talk with them.

First, Everyone makes me mistakes.  Yes, we are sad and I'm upset, but we have to find forgiveness.

Second. How you do anything is how you do everything.  God cannot bless you nor will he if you don't learn how to take care of the little the things.  If you can't take care of the little things how in the world can you handle anything big.  Its important not to be careless and to treat other peoples belongings just like how you would treat your own.  When someone asks you to do something and you say yes, to give it 100%. 

Truth is Mark and I have been talking about putting Kodi to sleep for 2 years and haven't had the guts to follow through with it.  Yes, the kids are sad and so are Mark and I because we didn't get to say goodbye but at least something didn't happen to one of us or to a PERSON we care and love.  Also, it just reminds us that you never know when something will be taken from you or when someone you love could pass away, so to make everyday count and always tell the person and yes even your dog how much you love them...

We pray that someone has her and will turn her in so we get a second chance at saying goodbye...

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Sunday said...

Oh, my….Kim I am so sorry!

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