Saturday, December 18, 2010

Does the idea of gettig together with family put you in a panic attack???

The count down begins only 7 more days until Christmas!  Yes, this can be a wonderful time of the year. Time to get together with friends and family you might not see much during the year or  running into friends while you are shopping!  Its so fun seeing people that you normally wouldn't see.  Even if you are friends with them on FB and know exactly what they are doing, its not the same as seeing them face to face!

However, with all the expectations of Christmas and visiting family and friends, I think many of us can have feelings of disappointments.   We have all these thoughts of what Christmas will be like and get so excited about getting together with everyone, that when someone doesn't show up or isn't as thrilled about Christmas as you are, we start to feel discouraged.  We have hopes of families and friends putting the past behind us but to find out some of the people we love dearly may not feel the same about us.  For many people Christmas can be a time of great pain.

I'm here to remind everyone that if you  a "normal family" all of us  have some sort of dysfunction  in our families! If you focus on the dysfunction, you will miss the true joy of Christmas. I know this may not be easy for many people because their is so much hurt in their families or  painful memories at this time of the year.  But it all depends on what you want to focus on.  If you put your focus on people, even your family, you will have feelings of disappointments.  If you focus on the dysfunction, you will miss the joy of Christmas.  I believe when we have those feelings, its God reminding us not to focus on the world only him!  He is the reason for the season.  Whether you have a very close family, are all alone or a family like mine the "Griswalds"  know that the only way to truly enjoy this year is to keep your eye on Jesus and you will never be alone or disappointed! 

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