Friday, December 3, 2010

Do You Dread Putting Your Kids to Bed?

Putting my kids to bed last night was one of those nights!  You know what kind of bedtime nightmare I'm talking about.  The one when your daughter knows how to work you and get you to get her water, then milk, turn on the bathroom light, run out of her room 10 times to say good night and kiss you one more time!  As much as you are trying to keep your cool, you just want your kids to go to bed so you can have a least 10 minutes of quite time before you pass out of exhaustion!  The more they came out of their room the crankier I was feeling.  I looked my daughter  Marcia and said in a loud voice, "GET IN BED."  She looks at me with her sweet face and says, "Mom all you have to do is say it in your nice voice!  Can you please talk nice to me."  What do am I suppose to say about that?

 So, I look at her and in my nice voice I ask her to go to bed.  She looks at me and say OK and off to bed she went and she never snuck out of her room again! know being a mom is not easy and sometimes our kids just know how to push our buttons!  We have to remember that is their job!  I know that sounds crazy but they are kids for a reason and we are the parents.  Its our job to teach our kids self-control, patience, kindness, respect and love.  If they through a baby fit and we through one back, what is that teaching them?  We have to make sure we are preaching what we practice.  Ask yourself, the way you talk to your kids, would you want your spouse or boss to talk to you the way you speak to them?  I can guarantee the answer is no. Ask anyone, I'm a fanatic about words and how we speak to each other and to ourselves.  I'm not perfect but its something I take very serious.  But why do adults who know better talk to children the way they do.  We have to show them the way because when they know better then they can do better. 

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