Monday, December 20, 2010

I Swear I'm going to Kill Her!

 I'm finally ending the curse that my mom, grandma's and probably great grandma had and continued to pass down to all the women in the family!  You know what I'm talking about stressing out over ever little thing that needs to get done before Christmas  Easter, Birthdays or just a simple family dinner!!!

I remember growing up having Christmas dinner at our house and my mom and almost every other mom I knew getting all worked up about the house!  I couldn't understand why until now! All the things we women have to do and our husbands have no clue what truly goes on before a big holiday!   Making sure the Christmas tree is up and decorated, lights on outside, grocery shopping, buying and wrapping presents, cleaning the house and not just cleaning the house but washing windows, washing floors and rugs, laundry, sheets cleaned, which i don't know why we clean before a party because it just gets all messed up and we have to start all over after everyone leaves!   Making cookies, getting Christmas outfits, family pictures, stamps and send out Christmas cards!  Its know wonder why women are exhausted before the big day gets here!  When the day finally gets here, we are busy getting the kids dressed, going to Church, getting the food ready, feeding the kids, cleaning up that we barely enjoyed the family that was over visiting. We take a quick glimpse over to our husbands and see them laughing and having a good old time that a part of you would like to strangle him because he knows how to relax and have a good time while you feel like a slave in your own house!  Finally, the night comes to an end and everyone leaves and you wonder why you do what you do and how did the day slip by you. You swear you will not do it again next year, however next year comes and the same old thing happens again!  Its like Ground Hog day!  Same thing just different year!

Of course I'm over exaggerating or maybe not, but you get the picture!  The majority of women I know work so hard getting everything ready for Christmas or many other family gatherings that we miss all the fun. My mom did it for years!  I call it the Martha syndrome! We laugh about it now and anytime we begin to feel stressed out we will call each other Martha! If you are not familiar with the story.  In the Bible there is a story about two sisters Martha and Mary.  They are completely different.  Jesus is coming to dinner and Martha is excited but focusing on all the stuff that needs to get done that she is getting mad at Mary because she isn't doing anything in Martha's eyes but sitting and enjoying Jesus.  Martha starts to upset and begins to moan and groan to Jesus . He stops her and reminds her that Mary is doing what is right.  Mary knew Jesus would not be with them for long and to enjoy him everything else can wait. 

I know I do it and so does so many other people, we focus on all the wrong stuff and miss the true joy of Christmas.  Seriously, who cares if your house is not spot less, the kids are not matching, the lights are not on and you have to buy store bought cookies because you just don't have the time to make them.  Its okay. What is important is to take time to remember what Christmas is all about the birth of our Savior Jesus and   to enjoy the family even if they drive you crazy!  Its only one day!!! Have fun with your kids.  This year as you are crossing off the thing you have finished but then adding a few more things to the never ending list, take a breather and remember to be more like Mary.  Its time to finally end the crazy Martha curse that has been handed down generation to generation.  This year is the year I'm finally killing Martha and be more like Mary and really enjoy Christmas and everythig that comes with it!  It's what I love about Christmas! Make sure we keep our priorities straight!  We can have and do all the stuff that comes with Christmas but if we miss celebrating Jesus then we missed the point and everything else really doesn't matter!


Todd said...

You know, there's nothing wrong with combining the joy of Christ in Christmas with the joy of family, friends, gratitude and celebration. The problem comes when the priorities get reversed.

Kim Watt said...


Kim Watt said...

I know many people including myself can get stressed out with everything that needs to get done and we can miss the fun and joy of Christmas! Things don't have to be perfect and sometimes I think we have so many expecations on how it should look like, we can miss it! We need to learn how to enjoy everything that comes with Christmas and other holidas even the cleaning, cooking and shopping! Its all on how you look at things!

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