Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are Competivite Sports Healthy For Kids??? Part 2

Gymnastics season officially starts for us tomorrow!!!

As Makenna is preparing herself for her first meet, she understand that she isn't in competition with anyone.  She doesn't go to her meets to beat another girl or another team.  She doesn't compare herself to other girls and mark and I don't compare her with other gymnast either.  There are girls that are better than her and girls Makenna is better than and that is called life!  We will meet people who are prettier, smarter and have more athletic ability than us and vice verse. So, we have to learn how to stay focus on our gifts and be grateful for what we have and to be happy for everyone else too.   If we are always comparing ourselves with someone else or wanting what they have, we will miss the beauty God has given each of us.

  We are teaching Makenna (and Markus and Marcia) its not about going to the meets to beat another team.  Its not about winning the trophy or metals and its not about the score.  (However, it is nice to win!!!) Its about taking all the gifts and talent God has given you and shinning for him.  She has learned to ask God for help and to let him work in her at the age of 10 years old!  She use to feel like she was bragging if she went on the gymnastics floor and gave it her all, which is absolutely wrong.  God wants you to succeed and he wants you to give your best because when we do good, it makes God look good and he gets all the glory.  Makenna knows when someone looks at her they see the light of Jesus.  Think about it, when your kids do well doesn't it make you so happy and proud.  It makes you look good!  This is how God feels about all of us.  Also, our kids are learning its not all about them that they have a responsibility to take their gifts and talents and bless other people...

Today, whether its taking care of your kids, cleaning the house, going to work or moving toward your God given purpose, do it with the right attitude and shine not for yourself but for your father in heaven and give him the glory he deserves.


Sunday said...

Very Nice post and so true!

Jeremy said...

I am glad I found your blog. I like your point of view. I am very involved in ministry and my sons play competitive baseball and basketball. This seems to be a polarizing topic. Some think that we are pushing our boys too hard, but we help them have a balanced life. They are "A" students, active in their Children's Church, they hunt and fish, they spend time with their grandparents. I think that the competition of the sports can serve to teach them a lot about life. Even when they compete at a very high level, whether they win or lose, real life continues afterward. It has also taught them the power of hard work. I believe that will serve them well in life.
God Bless you and I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

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