Sunday, January 16, 2011

when your daughter throws a baby fit in the middle of Target!

Sometimes mom's ask me how I don't ever seem like I get stressed out and how after being with my kids all day and night they don't drive me nuts!  First, there are defitly  times I feel overwhelmed but when that happens its becasue I'm not focusing on God and trying to do things on my own.  However, even though my kids are always with me they don't drive me nuts!  I seriously enjoy them!  They are not perfect and just like other kids. They will fight with each other, disobey me and even throws  a baby fit in the middle of target and hold on to my legs as I'm walking out of the store!!! ( that would be marcia!!!) They have their moments we all do!  There are days I wish I could scream and through a baby fit in the middle of the store!!!

Today, my pastor said something today that is one my motto's I live by!  Its "Keep the end in mind." Its what has kept me from not losing my mind!   When your kids or anyone at that matter is driving you nuts, when bills are piled up high, work is not going the way you wanted it to, what ever it is, keep the end in mind.

I love being with my kids even when they are acting out because I keep the end in mind and also take one day at a time!  I know my kids will not be kids for very long.  I only have them for a short time and then they will be on their own, I want to make every second count!  I know by keeping the end in mind that everything I do and show them by example is making a lasting impression on them.. I want to set my kids up for success in life not failure and by taking one day at a time keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and fouced on God not the circumstances....

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