Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When your day turns out like crap!

It doesn't matter how much we have our day all planned out, God will show you who is really in control!  Last night I had my entire day planned for today and trust me it was going to be a busy day!  I was taking the kids on a field trip to a museum in Ann Arbor with some other home school families, speech for my son, dentist appointment, grocery shopping, dinner and then off to take the kids to awana!  I thought I had it all figured out to a T! 

 However, around 2am the day was already not turning out the way I planned it!  Marie didn't really sleep at all last night!  Marcia was up all night coughing, which sounds like she has croup!  Now, I could of woke up all crabby because everything I wanted to happen was not turning out the way I wanted it too and I was really tired!    Now, I could of started complaining, but God reminded me that how we handle the little things will determine if he can give me anything bigger!  If we can't handle our day to day living, how the heck will we handle the bigger things we want to do in life?  Remember, even though we think our day is wrecked because its not going according to plan, God always has a better one, if we walk in faith and with the right attitude!  Its up to us what we are going to choose crabby or make the best of what is given to us! 

I decided to go with the right attitdude.  My day ended up turning out great!  Mark didn't go into work as early as he normally does, so I was able to get Makenna to her friends house, so she could still go on the field trip, without having to drag the kids out early in the morning! Markus speech was canceled (even though we showed up but didn't have to end up sitting there) and my mom was able to come over to watch the kids shortly while I went to the dentist! (She surprised me on the way home from the funeral luncheon she was at) I was so happy because I was just getting ready to take the kids with me to go and get my crown and filling!  ( They go everywhere with me so they would of been fine sitting there, but didn't want to take marcia out because she needed to rest!)  The kids didn't go to Awana since Marcia was sick and we figured everyone including me needed to rest!  Mark went grocery shopping for me!!! ( I even finished all my laundry!!!)

See, we need to really watch the words we speak and be careful not to grumble and complain about everything! I know its not easy!  If I would of focused on the bad my day wouldn't not of turned out on a positive note!  It is all on how you look at things!  It doesn't mean you won't have hard times and  want to stay in bed and pull your covers over your head!  We all have moments but we need to make sure those moments don't turn into a lifestyle.   Take baby steps and really pay attention to the words you speak and the conversation you have with yourself.    Yes, we need a friend to sometimes vent to but really all you need to do is give it to God and he will make your path straight, even in your daily living!  God cares about  all areas in our life not just the big ones but the small ones too! 

Now, I am sitting here in pain and can't talk because of the work done on my mouth at the dentist!  See, God even answered Mark's prayers today!!! He get a night without me talking his ear off!!! LOL!!!

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