Monday, January 10, 2011

Are you really willing to do whatever it takes???

These past few weeks since I've taken a break from facebook, God has done some amazing things in my life. I know someone reading this might think that sounds crazy.  How could something so simple and so small have such a big impact on my life? 

For one thing I was spending too much time on FB.  Even though I was only going on to post a comment, I found myself reposting and then commenting on other friend's post.  What started off as only 5 minutes turned out to be much longer.  Here I am knowing God is calling my family and I to much bigger things, however I was neglecting what he truly wanted me to do and kept myself busy with nonsense.  I have four kids and my time is limited, just like many people reading this.  If I really want to do what God is calling my family and I to do, I had to look at how  I was spending my time.  Was my choices taking me closer to what God is calling me to do or taking me farther away.  My intentions were good  but it wasn't getting me closer but slowly it was taking me farther away. 

God will ask us to do some big and small things in our life. Its up to us if we are going to listen.  We can talk all day long about our dreams and what God is calling us to do, but we better be willing to do the work and make choices that will take us there. 

Since I've gotten off FB and quieted my mind and use my time wisely, I've been able to hear him more clearly.  He has shown me areas that  still need to be healed. Learning and growing is constant. Just becasue you have had a few break throughs and grown some doens't mean the job is over!    He has shown me areas I still need to forgive myself and not to continue to carry the baggage around.  If I don't allow God to heal and teach me, how the heck am I going to help others.  I made some dumb choices, bad decision and many mistakes in my life.  I've had a ton of jobs and tried many things.  Some of them have worked and some have failed. ( I really don't believe there is a such thing as failure as long as you learn the lesson.) Someone reading this may be in the same boat. We are ashamed of some of our choices and who we use to be.  Its okay.  God wants to forgive you and has if you have asked him too but you need to ask him ( and if you call yourself a Christian you need  ask others who you may have hurt to forgive you or forgive someone who has hurt you. ) and then forgive yourself.  People may not forgive you but God will and if your heart is for God he will bring many wonderful people in your life so you can have a fresh start.  He will give you a clean slate and it will be up to what colors you want to add.  It doesn't mean you won't have some ugly colors at time because having Christ in our life doesn't mean we are perfect and we will continue to make mistakes.  The beauty is we have a savior that forgives us and will help us grow the more we stop talking about it and truly walking it.  It will not be easy but it will be so liberating. 

You really need to ask yourself do you really want to live a better life?  Do you really want to grow closer to God?  Do you really want to be positive role models for your kids?  If the answer is yes, then you better take a look at your life and ask yourself are you using your time wisely?  Are you really taking the time to allow God to work in you?  Are you willing to allow God to heal your life?  If the answer is yes, then you better be willing to do whatever big or small God is asking you to do, whether you like it or not...

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