Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Scares You?

Have you ever just been so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that you can hardly sit still?  You just want to scream on top of your lungs how awesome God is?  When you look at your life and just amazed on what God has done and continues to do that you find your self in aw and just sometimes can't believe it yourself?  Your life has more meaning than it ever has before?  You don't know what the heck you ever did to deserve it?  There are so many feelings go through me right now and I know I'm just babbling but when you seriously come to know Jesus and let him work on you its increadible to see what he can do in your life.  God placed a HUGE dream on my heart!  I had know idea on how it was going to happen and still don't but I just listen to him.  It hasn't always been easy and there has been huge RISK's  Mark and I have  had to take and will continue to take,  there have been peope and places we have had to leave even though we loved the people so much!  He has placed mark and I in a place that I know is for a reason.  As excited as we are its also scary too!  Becasue God don't take excuses and when he calls you he will do everything to get your attention and make you move forward!  I can't hide anymore and as much as I don't think I'm qualified or good enough God says something else.  He is forcing me to step out and face some more fears and is placing amaizng people in my life that has the same passion and vissions as I do.  All I know is this God never fails, he is a forgiving and loving God and has huge plans for everyone as long as you answer the call.  I'm so thankful that I heard him call my name...I would rather have "nothing" and have God then have "everything" and not God!  No matter how scared you might be to step out and live your God given dreams, do it today!  Yes, its scary and challenging and people will think you are nuts but its your life and there is nothing else more exciting then living a life for God!

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