Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Son said, "Christians sure know how to party!"

Christians sure know how to party was music to my ears as my son was whispering those words in my ears!   God has brought some amazing families in our life and when we get together it is just one big PARTY!  Everytime we all get together it's all all day and night affair!  On a couple of occasions our kids were begging to go home because they were so tired!  It was almost time for breakfeast the following morning and to be honest we could of kept hanging out, but Mark had to get up for work the next day.

The crazy thing is there was no drinking of alchol beverages, no crazy drinking games, no gambling, no swearing, obscene music that kids really shouldn't be listening to or movies that would corrupt our brains!  What in the heck did we do and how could this be a party is what you may be asking?  Trust me years ago this was not my idea of having fun! 

When we get together with our friends, we play games, joke around, laugh so much my stomach hurts, enourage each other, talk about dreams or struggles we may have and just really get to know each other. The kids run around like wild maniacs!  Playing games, eating candy, swimming, and just being kids!  The most beautiful part is that my kids are seeing their parents having FUN without beer or wine!  They see their parents acting silly but not because we are intoxicated and never see witness their mom and dad unable to get out of bed the next morning due to a hangover. 

I'm not writing this claming mark, our friends or myself are perfect because ask anyone of us and we will openly tell you how screwed up we are.  However, God has just opened our eyes and showed us what FUN really means.  Also, by being the LIVNG example for our kids they to have learned that fun doesn't have to include what the world believes fun may look like. 

I'm not condoning drinking adult beverages.  God doesn't say you can't enjoy a glass of beer or wine but the Bible does talk about drunkeness. Mark and I both have had negative experiences and it caused major pain in our marriage. We choose not to drink and not only do we make those choices because we love each other but because we adore our chidren.  We want so much more for their lives!

We trust and believe in the scripture, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not run from it." Provers 22:6. 

Will it be an easy road raising our kids to live for God? NOPE but it will be worth it and as long as Mark and I LIVE and BREATH what we teach than I have no doubts they will go out and serve the LORD in amazing ways and always knowing that Christians ( most of them not all!) sure know how to party!!!

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