Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It was one of those mornings!

Today, sure didn't start the way I wanted it to!  My youngest daughter, who just turned 2, woke up at 7am crying and didn't stop until 11:30am!  It just was one of those mornings.  I'm weaning her from nursing and she is not one happy toddler!  The more she cried, everything I wanted to get done, started piling up in my mind.  The more this happened the crankier I was feeling inside.  My list was becoming bigger and bigger and nothing was getting done.  My husband was on his way home,  So, I called him to and  warned him I was irritable and not to mess with me when he gets home!!!  Isn't it funny, when we start feeling upset with ourselves, we look to take it out on someone else. All of a sudden, I was getting mad at him and he wasn't even home!!

Thankfully, I have an awesome husband.  Not perfect by any means but someone who loves me, God and wants to be the leader of this family God has called him to be.  When he came home, he asked me why I was so grouchy?  I told him, it was best if I kept my mouth shut because it would just make things worse! He  laughed and said, well do you want to same something to me?  I said, "well of course I do!"  Then he said do you want to flick me in the head!"  I said not flick but maybe punch you a few times!"  

He grabbed the bible and said, "let's read where we left off the other night."  I sure didn't want to at that time.   I seriously was still thinking about how good it would feel to punch him!  As we prayed and began to read God's word, the tension began to fall off of me and my spirit began to feel at peace again.  As we were sitting out in our back yard reading, mark looked at me and said, This is life kim.  We are reading God's word, enjoying the beauty in the back yard and watching our kids play on our neighbors swing set!  ( thankful we didn't have to buy one!!!)  

The list and the baby fits didn't seem important and that big of a deal anymore!   

 Therefore,  my dear brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the Lord's work, knowing that your labor in the Lord is not in Vain.  

We have days that don't go the way planned or we just want to throw our hands up or just cry because we just feel that there is so much to do or are we doing anything right.  God being so awesome gives us his word to remind us to keep moving and  the baby fits, messy house or the never ending list, is all worth it because everything we do is for the Lord!  

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