Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I'm so Thankful for My Son

My pregnancy with Markus and delivery was perfect. I had no complications and even delivered him naturally with absolutely no drugs!!! So you can imagine how shocking it was when Markus MRI report came back that he had a degenerating brain disorder.

Mom's just know when something isn't right. It's an intuition we are born with, especially when it comes to our kids. Sometimes the hardest thing to admit is, when something is wrong. As Markus was growing, he was such a happy and easy going baby. Being the second baby, I wasn’t as high strung as I was with Makenna. I wasn't so concerned and on top of all the baby milestones, but I just knew something was going. He wasn't hitting or doing some of the little things his sister did.

I knew not to compare the two because they were different and everyone matures and learns at different stages in their life. It goes for adults as well! But when he was 18 months old he still wasn't walking or talking. It was like he stopped progressing. He wasn't digressing but he really wasn't moving forward either.

After many talks with the doctor, he went to get a MRI. Any sort of test or procedure done to your kids is nerve wrecking. I remember as they laid Markus down on the table and began to sedate him, he just looked at me and mark with his big brown eyes. It was like he was saying, "why are they doing this to me. Please don't leave me." As mark and I tried are hardest not to cry, tears were pouring out of our eyes.

As I said earlier, test came back reporting he had a degenerating brain disorder. I'm not going to get into all the specifics in this bog. We made an appointment with the Neurologist and for the next two weeks we did nothing put pray and cry! Everyone was praying for him.

The day we went back to talk about the results, was the day Markus started to walk!!! The doctor's couldn’t explain why the test said one thing and clinically it said something different. The doctors did say he would have a harder time learning, it might take him a little longer to do things and motor skills could be a struggle for him. However, he will grow up to be a normal little boy! Thank God!

Today, Markus is 7 years old! In my eyes he is the most amazing little boy I know. He has taught me so much about life! He has taught me not to look at other people's faults but to concentrate on their strengths. He has helped me realize it doesn't matter what the world says. The world may look at Markus and see one thing but I see something completely different and all I see is greatness. (Honestly, it wouldn’t of mattered what the doctors would of said, because I know with God anything is possible.) We refuse to let the world label him. He just learns differently and is growing up on his time!

He may not be the all-star baseball player like his dad or the quarterback of the football team, but that is okay because he is not his dad! He's Markus and God has a different plan for him. (Who want to be like everyone else. Its more fun to be different! We all know I am!!) He has a love for reading, math, swimming and Karate! (He told me is goal is to be a master black belt and I know he can do it!)

Parents need to be careful that we don't let our Ego get in the way and want our kids to do what WE want or try to be something they aren't, just so we or they can fit in. Also, we need to watch our words because we can either speak life or death and whichever we choose they will believe. Let them know and see it in your eyes how much you love them just for who they are. Let them know that God loves them and has a much bigger plan for their life. Maybe its really hard to see a bigger vision for yourself, but I pray you see one for your child.

I'm so thankful for my son! He has taught me where we are weak God is strong and in those weaknesses is where God will shine! I'm thankful for the most amazing little boy. He has a spirit that loves God and reminds us everyday what love truly is! I don't know what the future hold for my son, but I do know whatever it is, it will be amazing!

The lessons he( as well as my other kids) has taught me cannot be written on just one blog! There will be more to come at a later time...Thanks for reading! If you would like, please leave a comment and add yourself to my blog! If you would like me to speak for your organization, school or church, please contact via facebook or email at

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Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

Thank you!!! Right on time Kim I just got CoCo’s MRI results today. Yes, mothers know when something is just not right, but I wish it would have proven me wrong. But knowing your story has helped me over this past year and half. I know that she will be OK, just the way she is.

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