Monday, November 1, 2010

Having Fun With Your Kids and Teaching about Giving at the Same Time!

Do you remember Halloween lasting only one day! We dressed up for school during the day and then came home and went trick-or-treating at night! Today, it seems to last all month. Mark and I took the kids trunk-n-treating, candypaloza and then trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Oh, I can't forget about toliet papering my brother's house!!!

As fun as it was, I'm glad its all over! I'm exhausted but we enjoyed every minute. Its not about all the candy but spending time with our kids, dressing up and just having some fun! I know there are people who don't go out on Halloween. I understand why and respect them for their choices. Mark and I just look at this day as other time to enjoy and have fun with our kids, family and friends.

As I'm looking at the bags of candy the kids have, it gives me another chance to use this experience as a great teaching moment. The topic Greed! (we don't have to have some big emergency to teach our kids)

Do your kids dump out their candy on the ground and then protect it so their siblings or even you can't touch their candy? Do they count almost every piece to make sure nobody has taken any? Do they scream if a brother or sister tries to take one of their pieces? Are they trying to eat candy for breakfeast, lunch and dinner!! I'm sure ,if you have normal kids, the answer is yes!!!

Use this time to teach your kids about giving, sharing and how much do you really need. If you look at adults you know, they can act just like kids on Halloween in their every day life. They don't want to share, the more they have the more they want and its just never seems to be enough. Do you want your kids to grow up to be like that? Trust me, if you have a greedy child now, if you don't get a hold on it, that child will grow up to be a greedy adult.

Its okay to enjoy things and have things. God wants you to enjoy the blessing's he has given you and your children. Its important we appreciate the gifts God gives us becasue every good and perfect gift is from above and not feel guilty. Let them enjoy the candy they have but help them see they don't need all of it! Its important for us as parents and our children to learn how much is enough.

Have your kids pick our 20 or so of their favorite pieces of candy for themselves and then put some of the candy in a bowl for the entire family to share and then give the rest away, whether its to a homeless shelter, church or people you know. Make sure you have a dissusion around giving and the reasons you are asking them to do this. Don't force it on them or they will just be angry. God doesn want an angry giver he wants a cheerful one.

There is really is know reason why they need to have bags and bags of candy hiding in their room! Not only will you help your kids not to be greedy but you will also teach them about balance and eating healthy. Most important as you teach your kids and have them give away their candy, make sure they see you tithing and giving in your every day life. Its not so much what you say but what you do that matters.

"The he said to them, watch out! Be on your guard aainst all kinds of greed, a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." luke 12:15


Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

Yes, all but a handful of our kid’s candy has already made its way out of our house.

memhool said...

Well said, Kim. That's a great idea with the candy. I think we'll do that with the girls. Thanks for sharing.

todd said...

That's a great idea. The only problem is that once the Daddy-Tax has been imposed, there's only a few pieces left! :-)

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