Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for my Parents and the Risk They Take!

When people hear the word CHRISTIAN  they think boring, safe and afraid to live life. At least,  I know I did.  I thought calling yourself Christian meant having no life at all.  The reason I thought this was because the people who called themselves Christian that I knew lived in fear and were afraid to dream and take a chance in life.  So, the last thing I wanted to do was call myself a Christan! It really didn't make sense to me because If God was who they claimed he he was, then wasn't he much bigger than living in their small suburban life style? Why were these Christians so afraid of taking risks in their life. Isn't life more than joust getting married, have kids, work and retire?   I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that and I'm thankful for my marriage, kids and family.  However, I know I was put on this Earth for more than that and I want to live a life full of adventure and not afraid to take risk in my life!

Today, I'm thankful for my parents and showing me what risk really means!  They have been married today for 36 years and it was not an easy road for them. ( I know I lived it with them!)  In my eyes they are the most amazing parents!  Please know when I say this doesn't mean my childhood was perfect because it wasn't and they made their share of mistakes. ( By me saying they made mistakes, doesn't mean I don't love them! I believe if we don't recognize the mistakes we will continue to pass them on in our families. Its important to know why we do what we do?  Remember once we know better we can do better)  I wouldn't change anything, because its made me who I am today!

Despite their mistakes, they never gave up on life or each other.  They never gave up on their dreams and were not afraid to dream big.  I know their were days they wanted to kill each other and walk away,but because of the love they had for each other and my brother and I, they took the risk to keep loving each other.  Recently, they took the biggest risk in their life and that was making the decion to turn their life around and live for Christ.  (That is a story all on its own!)

Taking Risk doesn't mean life is going to be easy.  Taking Risk doesn't mean we will always know the answers or the outcome.  Taking risk doesn't mean that people will always like you or agree with you. Taking Risk doesn't mean you won't fail or make mistakes.  Taking  the Risk to love God and follow Christ doesn't mean people won't laugh at you and talk about you!  Taking Risk for God means all these things but it also means living a life that will be the most exciting ride you will ever be on.  It means living a life beyond yourself.  It means know living a life that is no longer self-centered but Christ centered. I'm so thankful I learned that living for Christ is everything but boring!  Its so much more than going to just going to Church!  Its living your life and your purpose that God placed on your heart!  Its about taking a chance, when everything else around you is telling you its impossible!  I don't serve the small God that most Christians serve. I serve a much bigger God. A wild, loving, fun God who is all about taking Risk!

 I can't thank my mom and dad enough for taking the Risk to love each other and to  yes to God!  Thank you for showing me that its never to late to try anything and its never to late to change. At the age of 55 years old, going on a mission trip to Cambodia is so awesome! I know this will only be the start of so many more adventures in their life! It gives me hope that after my kids are grown there is still so much more we can do with our life!
   Most importantly thank you for showing me that as my kids grow into adults that my job as a parent never ends.  That they will continue to need me to be the leader and to show them the way.  Even when I think they don't need anymore,there will be a place in their heart that will always need guidance and love.  So, its my job to continue to love God and show them the way even when its Risky!

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