Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Season at a Time!

Last but not least is Marie!  I'm so thankful that Mark and I were able to have one more baby! As crazy as it may sound, I'm enjoying Marie probably more than I have with the other three.  Don't get me wrong, I love all my kids and being a mom, However this time there is just something different, Me! 

You would think it would be the complete opposite.  I'm busier now than I ever have been before.  I'm homeschooling the kids, driving the other three all over the place from gymnastics to karate and carting them with  me everywhere I go, from doctors appointments to the grocery store!  I think Marie might just spend her first year mostly in her car seat!  I'm sleeping less because Marie still wakes up during the night along with my two dogs!!! And yet, I'm enjoying Marie more as a baby than I did with my other three.  On top of it, I love to buy myself clothes! Now, I'm on a budget and shopping for me is always last on the list!  I never liked budgets and never wanted to be on one!!! So, how can I have more joy in my life than I ever have before.   Why, because its all on how I have chosen to look at my life!

From Marcia to Marie, I've worked very hard on myself  and my mindset (of course with the help of God), which is so important.  He has taught me, what ever you think about is the life you will create. However,  As I was working on my mindset, I found myself trying to do things on my time.  I was trying to control everything and make things happen on my own.  I wasn't giving it to God, totally trusting him and putting it in his hands.    I was still at times feeling stressed out, tired, worry, angry at times, anxiety, etc., You get the picture! I knew this couldn't be God and it wasn't! The reason I was feeling this way was because  I wasn't in his will and doing things the way he wanted .   God had to knock some sense into me and tell me to stop trying to do things on my own. I've learned when you are in his will everything works out. It might not be the way we planned it, but his plans are much better than ours will ever be. We will only know how big his plans are ,if we keep walking in faith and never give up no matter how hard life may be.    God will shut the door if he doesn't want us to enter, however we want things our way and we want them  now that we will try to blast the door open, when it needs to stay shut.  We think our kids don't have patience, adults are worse!  Just because God shut the door doesn't mean it will remain closed forever.  If he placed something on your heart to do, it will happen.  He just wants you to learn a lesson before he can move you forward and to have patience!  There is no rush even though we think there is!    When we are relying on our self we will feel all those negative emotions.  However, when you put everything in God's hands trust and let him guide you there is nothing but peace in your life.  I'm not saying everything will be easy and total chaos can be going on around you, like there is at times in my life, but I know God has my back!

God has also taught me that there are seasons in my life and to enjoy the most important one I will ever have  and that is being a mom!  Our kids are only with us for a very short time.  I realize how quick time goes by because my oldest is already 10 years old!  Before we know it, they will be out on their own living their life. 
Laying the foundation for your kids is vital! Of course,  we won't be perfect and yes we will make mistakes, but that is why its important that our kids have God in their life and not only in their life but first.  ( I tell my kids all the time don't be your faith in people or daddy and me because sometime in your life we will disappoint you.  We are not God and only God is perfect and he will never let you down.  I will write more on this later)

There are so many dreams God has laid on my heart and so much more I want to do for him in my life. Sometimes, I get a Little ahead of God and he has to remind me, One day at a time. He wants us to enjoy the gifts he has given us and sometimes we miss what is right in front of our face until it is gone.

When ever you feel worry, stress, anxiety, fear and all the other negative feelings.  Please know that is everything but God.  Put your trust in him and let him take care and lead you to the life he has promised!  I can't end my blog without saying, if you haven't picked up your Bible and or never read one before, pick it up and give it a try.  You will be amazed to what you will fine! I know I sure was! 

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Sunday said...

Kim, I love reading your posts!!! (I tweeted it!!) I find in my own life as well that miracles can and often do happen, when we allow ourselves to see them!

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