Friday, June 22, 2012

When your child has one of those moments!

I think my next few blogs will be on what Freedom really looks like!  Not that I have it all together and not that I still don't have more to learn because I do but what God has taught me so far has set this sister free!!

Here I am outside with three of my kids just hanging out with them playing a game, when an old friend out of the blue stops by.  She is the mom of a friend both my husband I grew up with and I haven't seen her in about 7 years. 

It was exciting to see her, we made small talk catching each other up with what is going on in both of our lives when my one of my daugther's had a moment!  If you are a mother, you know exactly what kind of moment I'm talking about!  When your kids decides to do something totally out of control and there is nothing at that moment you can do! It wasn't as bad as it sounds but it still was one of the moments that if you cared about what other's thought you would want to crawl under your bed and stay there!

For some strange reason, Marcia ran in the house for something.Iinstead of coming back outside, she decided to climb up on the ledge and swing from the storm door inside the house. As she is swinging back and forth I hear my friend's mom say, "oh my!"  Hoping Marcia would stop she continues to swing back and forth calling my name!  By this time she jumps down and as she jumps down our dog, who is not small by any means, decided to HUMP HER!  Marcia is screaming HELP ME MOM!!!

Here is where FREEDOM comes in.  If I cared or was more focused on pleasing people, impressing them or concerned what other's thought I would of been furious!  Anyone who is mom or dad knows that Kids make mistakes.  I know Marcia and this girl is on fire for Jesus at 6 years old, loves life and has a heart that is humongous!  If you don't really know her than you miss out on knowing one beautiful girl. However, she is not perfect and keeps me humble and life interesting. I just thought God is this what you do when we screw up a million times everyday!  Do you sometimes just sit back and laugh.

As my friend left, I began walking in the house.  Marcia knew she was in trouble not for embarrassing me because honestly I didn't care what she thought.  I wanted her to know why we don't act like that, manners and be respectful.  She went to her room and came back later to ask for forgiveness.  She really meant it.  Of course I forgave her.  God has grace and mercy with us why wouldn't I show the same to my children.  I mess up everyday and I'm 37 years old!  She learned her lesson but it won't be the last one.  She's not perfect and I don't expect perfection.  In the grand of things, what she did was not horrible but it could of been if I was more focused on the opinions of others instead of teaching and loving my kids! 

FREEDOM:  My kids are not perfect and neither am I!  No longer does someone opinion of my family or myself define me or Who God says I am!!!  I know longer live to please man only GOD!  Yes, we will all mess up but when we ask for forgiveness God gives his grace and mercy!  We need to show the same to the children God has trusted us with!!!

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