Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking our hearts for what breaks his

One of my missions as a mother, is to live a Godly example.  One of my prayes is to for God to continue to break my heart for what break his.  It's very easy to wrapped up in my own family, problems and even my own comfort, desires and wanting to please myself. 

As I read the parable in  Luke 16:19-21 about the beggar lazarus and a rich man.  I pray and ask God to not let me be the rich man.  If I am totally honest with myself at times I know I am.  See, the problem with the rich man was not that he abused Lazarus, he didn't beat him or mistreat him.  He simply ignored him, passing by him, day after day, with indifference.  I read in the book, "The whole in the Gospel" by Richard Stern, "his sin was not one of commission but of omission.  He knew, as the apostle James wrote, "the "good" he ought to have done, but he failed to do it. (James 4:17)

How many people do we know in our own community who need help.  How many peole do we see in the streets.  How many kids do we know are home all summer long with no food to eat?  How many people in our own community can't read or write? Who in our Church is crying for help but we don't want to see it.    Are we reaching out to our neighbors?  Do we even know our neighbors? Do they know Jesus or better yet do they see Jesus in you? Is our job to look the other way waiting for someone else to do the work or is Christ calling each one of us screaming I called you!  YOU are the answer! 

The same is true when I think of the parable the "Good Samaritian".  If I'm truly honest with myself, I am the priest and the Levite more than I am the good Samaritian.   Do I pass people everyday that could use a word of encouragement?   No, we can't take on the whole world oursevles but I know we at least I can do more.  But if each one of us every day made it a point to think beyone our circumstances to realize how blessed we are no matter what we are going through.  (Just living in America is a reason to be thankful ) and do something for someone else it can make a difference. Praying daily and asking God for his leadership,giving us ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to serve.  Just by seeing someone for not what they are but for what they an be  is a step in the right direction.
 I know I would not be where I am today, if it wasn't for my family and a few people God brought in my life that believed in me and looked past all the mess and could see what I couldn't see... We can make a difference one person at a time and letting God to continue to break our hearts for what breaks his.

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