Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The drunken and broken family down the street

These past few years as I grow closer to Christ my heart as been filled with more joy than I can express.  But at the sametime my heart aches and the pain of the world brings me to tears.  The brokeness of families, relationships, sickness, disease, not just in my own community but around the world.  I just want to scream there is Hope for all your troubles his name is Jesus. 

The other day mark and I were taking a walk in the evening.  It's our special time together and it makes it so nice that Makenna is now old enough to watch the kids so we can have some time to ourselves!  It's a new freedom that we are getting use to. 

As we were walking a car pulls up in front of a house and 2 boys in their twenties and 2 dad's jump out of the car.  You could tell they have been drinking and all kinds of words were flying.  There was so much hurt in the boys and dad's voice.  The boy screamed at his dad at how he hated him and was never there for him and said words that seriously brought tears to my eyes.  The dad, who was also hurt, yelled back and how his kids have never respected him.  They started pushing each other and the boy knocked down his dad. 

Of course, I couldn't sit back and do nothing.  I called the police and let them know what was going on and they sent an officer to check everything out.

The pain these men were holding on to.  I don't know there story or what they have been through.  But the brokeness in families even in my own breaks my heart.  If people could just wake up and know the answer is right in front of their eyes.  If dad's really knew how important they were to the lives of their children and wife.  If more men would stand up and fight for their families little by little not only would our communities be better but our world.

It's not something we can do on our own.  Their is no self-help book or pshycholigist that can cure it the only way relationships can begin to heal is having Jesus Christ at the center. It will not be easy and won't mean that things will always be peachy and rosie.  But we will know that we are unconditionally loved by God and won't have to try or search for it from anyone else. Forgiveness can then begin to take root. 

My heart ached for that family becasue I could relate to them at some point all of us can. There was a time getting drunk was fun and something Mark and I did.  But then there came a point it wasn't fun anymore and all the hurt I was feeling would come spewing out of my mouth to people I love because of my own brokeness.  We like to hide and pretend that everything is perfect. But there is so much hurt that people are hanging on to hoping to get approval or fighting for someone just to acknowledge or love them. Pride sets in and everyone wants to be right.    Instead of moving forward friendships and families move apart.  It's so sad because their is an answer.

I'm so thankful for God and for His grace and mercy.  Jesus Christ is the center of our family and I have witnessed the healing power of Jesus Christ.  It's not perfect and we still have growing and learning to do but I have hope that my family will not be broken not becasue of anything Mark and I have done but because of Jesus  and because of that we can be light to the world.  I pray that the curse has been broken and it can be broken in your family as well.  The only way is through HIM. 

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