Sunday, May 13, 2012

Get off the Caholic Church's back!

Someone reading this might not argee with me, but we can agree to disagre.  Really, the only person who really knows someone's heart and is the ultimate Judge is God.  I just feel the need to voice my thoughts and my personal experience.

For those who are not familiar with the Catholic faith nor understand it may think that they don't believe in Jesus or have a persoanl relationship with Jesus. Guess what Catholics are Christians. (I have a very close person in my life who I know did not think I was a Christian when I was at the Catholic Chruch and it drives me nuts!  I have to pray and say God you know my heart and please don't let the opinions of other's get me all worked up.  Your opinion is all that matters to love this person regardless of difference of opinions)  Yes, there may  be somepeople that call themself catholic and have no fruit to bare. You can't tell the difference between them and a non believer.  We also have to be careful because we don't know who they were years ago.  Maybe God has been working on their life and even though we may not see it we don't know who they were before.  This is true in the protestant church/non denomoninational church. I know people who have been Christians for years but yet are still infants in their walk.  Alo, there are people who walk through the church doors at a different denomination and that is about how far they go but again we don't know how God is changing their heart.

I use to be a Catholic.  But for the record my husband and I did meet God there.  He was working on us.  It may not of looked like it completly but God knew where he needed to meet me and what to do to grow me and develop a deeper relationshiop with him.  It doesn't always happen instantly or overnight.  He was slowly changing my heart, helping me forgive others, letting go of past hurts and planting the seeds in my heart for what He was calling me to do.  Did I know him like I do today.  Of course not and If I continue to let the Holy Spirit work on me next year I'll know him even more and have even more break throughs. 

It's not about being Catholic, protestant, it's not about how everything looks on the outside.  I know many people who can dress the Christian faith up!  They show up to church as a family all dressed nice, serve but yet inside they are dealing with some issues but yet are quick to point their finger at other people, pointing their sin out because it's easier to see instead of their own.  This goes on in every denomination. We have to let God continue to work on us and in us so we can be the light. 

we need to stop causing division in the body of Christ.  I'm not saying I agree with everything the Catholic church does.  As I have grown in Christ, God has helped even though I know longer belong to the Catholic Church understand it even more.  We need to come together and focus on Jesus and becoming one, not what church is better and bickering over issues.  What matters is if your Church is teaching straight from the Word of god and  who do you say Jesus Christ is? If your answer is the Son of God, who shed His blood for the forgiveness of Sins, we are sinners and Jesus is our Savior..We have a personal relationshiop with him...Amen!  Please give off the Caholic Church's back!

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