Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heading for the Fire....

 One of my prayers is that I speak what God says not what I believe or how I feel.   One of my hang ups is being judmental.  I love people and Hoppe everyone comes to Christ but when  someone asks me if he or she is a Christian my immediate response is, "They say yes, but I don't know their heart."  Yes, that may not be a wrong answer only God knows someone's heart but we are called to measure according to God's word.  Everyone is calling themsevles Christians today.  (when someone accepts Jesus it is still  a process.  It takes sometimes years for people to break through from bondage and strong holds.  Thankfully, God does not give up on us! Yes, if there is fruit and positive change great even if it is small!  But when people are continuing to sin, stay there and there is absolutly no difference from you and the world and you are claiming you are a christian.  Well, then there is a problem.)    It's a dangerous thing.  We are letting the world slip into the church becasue we are afraid that we are being judgemental. .   No we can't be judmental and yes we need to handle people and difficult social issues with grace and love, but there is a level of messuring that God has called us to measure.  The question shouldn't be what we think.  It should be What would Jesus say about your life.  We need to take it off us and put it on God.  The problem at least with me is I'm so afraid of judging someone. I may live a certain way and believe/know the word of God but part of me is still afraid to write about topics that are very sensitive.  Because of being rejected.   Look, I don't even want to judge the Hooters girls in my last blog.  Judge the sin and not the sinner but we have to call somethings out! ( Yes, there are Christians who go about this the totally wrong way. I think that is why I'm so sensitive to the fact of judging.)   How can we change or allow God to convict if we stay quite.    I want to love everyone and accept all. But guess what, Jesus  did Love everyone but let's face it he didn't accept everyone.  Our fear should be are  we going to be Judge becasue we have allowed Christianity to be water downed. (We need to constantlly be strentching, growing in Christ.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to work on us so we can be that light.)   Forget worrying about everyone else!!!  We need to be concern with what God is saying about the Body of Christ as a whole. Most,  want a feel good message and not have to change. We want Jesus but yet we don't want to give up our life fully for him.    We care so much more about being accepted by the world instead of  byGod.  Jesus was not liked by everyone. The world hated Him and still does why would I think it would be different for me.  We need to lean on him for strength, wisdom and disernment and stand for what God would stand for but to do it with love and grace. No, we are not to judge but we are called to lead and show Christ.  We are called to be different to come out of the world.  If I'm being called judgemental and being persuccuted by the world then I know I'm doing the work of Jesus!  I wouldn't be quite if my kids were heading into a fire. Why should we put a muzzel on when people we love are heading for that same kind of fate?

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