Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hooters, short skirts and tight shirts!

Our Church's building is extreamly close to a Hooters Resturant.  When service is over the Hooter girls run outside in their short shorts and tight shirts and begin to use the hula hoop and try to wave people in to eat their wings.  Becasue that is why everyone eat's there anyways isn't it!!! It has nothing to do with the girls. 
I do not agree with how these girls are acting or like the way they dress.
Even though I don't agree with how they are acting, it is a great time to blog about judging and remembering who we were before we decided to dedicate our lives to Christ.  Even after giving my life to Jesus, I'm still a sinner and no better than those girls or any other girl who feel they have to act or dress a certain way for attention or to make money.
 We need to remember where we came from and not be so judgemental.  Now, I'm not saying we can't judge.  There is a time we need to jude but  leave room to keep loving the sinner.  Hate the sin butl love the sinner. Mark and I are raising our kids to be pure in all areas in their  life and how to dress modestly.  But we also stress we are to be the example and not to judge someone else for their choices and think we are better than anyone else.
I've heard people make comments not just about hooter girls but just women in general about the way they dress and how they need Jesus.  How do you know they don't?  How do you know what they are going through or been through?  Do we know their heart?   Obvisoulsy, by their actions it doesn't look like they are fully devoted to christ but maybe they are still babies in their walk.  The only way I say that is because of who I use to be and my own personal experience.
I will tell you I'm no better than the hooter girls.  If I compare myself to the world, I wasn't all that bad growing up and even in my 20's.  Even though I know I gave my parents a run for their money!  But God isn't comparing me to the world.  I might not been as bad but many choices and actions were not Godly and far from his heart.  In his eyes my sin was huge!  I use to ware short shorts and tight shirts.  I chased a young boy around and acted crazy just to get his attention.  I'm not saying it was right and if I could do it over I would.  Thankfully, that young boy is now a man and thankfully my husband. God has dealt with both of us!   I use to ware bikini's and acted like a wild maniac at times. I just shake my head when I think about it.   ( My daugther marcia has found pictures of one of our trips to Florida when she was a baby.  she always likes to remind me how I disobeyed God by what the bathing suit I was wearing!  I just love her and she is so right!) I don't care what anyone else says,as dumb as my choices were  I still loved God and knew Jesus.  I went to church and not just to go because I had to. I wanted to.  I was very young in my walk and not ready to give up  all the things of this world.  Little by Little God changed me. It took awhile because I'm a slow learner but  He knows  me and knew how to get me to open my eyes more and to really hear and follow his voice. 
I never forget that person I use to be because I never want to think I'm better than anyone else.  I'm still a sinner and maybe my sins are not as bad as they were in the past  as bad as the person down the street, but sin is still sin.  Some of us also know how to hide it better than others.  Girls who dress and act inapporiatly are easy targets. It's easier to point someone elses sin instead of dealing with our own. 
Instead of gossiping about the girls whose skirt is to short or top to low, give grace. Focus on your walk, stop pointing the finger at everyone else.  Be and LIVE the example  Christ wants you to be.

These women don't make me feel uncomfortable.  Maybe it's becasue I've been there but also becasue I know who I am in Christ.  Not only am I secure with who I am, I'm also secure in my marriage.  So, if you are worried about your husband when girls like these hooter girls come around.  I think maybe instead of pointing the finger at them, you may need to work on your marriage more. ( I'm not saying I would want my husband hanging out in places like this.  He uses wisdom, knows better and doesn't put himself nor do I  in those types of  situations anymore. I trust him and he trust me. )  I don't say that to be mean but people love to look outside, blame others and talk about the sin in the world. Instead of taking a look inside their own relationships.   Maybe instead of avoinding those people reach out,be their friend and pray for them. Be the example and God will do the convicting.   Not only pray for them but pray for the men who make these girls think that ithis is  what they need to do for love. Pray that these men and women fall right into the heart of God. That the men will become the leaders God has called them to be and the women will become and believe that they to have been made in the image of God.  His love and attention is all they need to have.
 Be the love of Christ and accept them for who they are and where they are.    Jesus would why wouldn't we.

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