Thursday, September 20, 2012

"You don't care about anybody only youself"

Has someone you loved, respected or trusted called you such hurtful words as ugly,stupid, dumb, fat, old or dare do I say the words slut or bitch.  Has that same person or group of people called you worthless and not deserving of their love or friendship.  Has someone you cared about pretty much spit in your face and turned their back on you leaving you there broken and hopeless?

Did those words leave a scar?  Where you so angry that you retaliated and said the same words back hoping to leave a wound so big in their heart that it never stops bleeding? 

Life and death are in the tongue and there is no doubt that this tongue is a fierce and wicked part of our body.  It can glorify God in one sentence and kill someones spirit in the next. 

The question here is why do we believe those words when someone lashes out at us.  Maybe it doesn't even have to be in anger.  Someone we know or just respect could say a word or two about your character or appearance not realizing what they are saying and not meaning to hurt you, but the one or two words they used left you feeling depressed in someways.  God has been working on you and you know at least for moments here and there what God says about you, how he loves you. You have been set free in so many ways, let go of the hurt, bondage and the strongholds.  You are so thankful on what and who you are becoming in Christ.  But because of a word or two, it has brought you back to that place you never wanted to go. The place where you begin to believe the lies and think maybe I'm just fooling myself.  Maybe those people are right, maybe I'm not born to be anything more than average. 

God revealed to me years ago, that people can only give what they have.  If they are hurt inside then they cannot give you what you are looking for.  Most importantly, the reason those words crush our hearts and we begin  to believe them is because they are saying words that you believe about yourself deep down in your soul.  If you are comfortable in your own skin, if someone calls you fat.  It doesn't bother you.  But if someone calls you worthless or stupid and it tears you up, maybe it's because you think that about yourself and you just don't want to admit it. 

As we grow in Christ and begin to understand who He is and what He has done for you, When you begin to recognize how he delights in you, those thoughts will begin to dissipate.  You may be walking with him for your entire life, but you are still holding on to hurts, bondage and stronghold.  He wants to break you free from them! 

Christ has taught me to look at the heart of man.  To realize if someone has or will hurt me with their words that I don't have to take it nor believe them because I know who I am in Him.  He has broken me free and it hasn't been easy.  To pray for them and ask God to please forgive them because they know not what they do.  To have grace and mercy for them because Christ has given you the very same thing. You will begin to love not only yourself but the one's who hurt you. 

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