Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What are you willing to sacrifice to go after your dreams???

When we deicide to go after a dream, I believe everyone starts off with the right intentions. To give their families a better life and to give their life meaning. Going after a dream requires major sacrifice. Whether its time in the gym, studying, giving up bad habits or even hanging out with friends. In the end its almost always worth it, unless you don't have your priorities in order and know what you are not willing to sacrifice. Three years ago, I went after a dream of mine as a motivational speaker. It was a dream I held close to my heart forthe past 14 years. I wanted to help people find their purpose, enjoy everyday life, become better parents and to really focus on what is most important God and family. Last year I had an opportunity to do a PBS special with my mentor World Renown Motivational Speaker Les Brown. There were over 1000 people in the audience and it felt like finally all my hard work was paying off. My dream was finally coming true. However, as I was helping other people and doors were opening for me the one door that I never wanted to close was the realtionship I had with my children. For the past 9 years, I've been a stay at home mom and love every minute. However, as I pursued my dream, I wasn't home like I use to be. When I was home I was focued on building my business. I was with them physically not mentally. I was constantly thinking about the future, what I needed to do next and stressing out! ( I was trying to be in control instead letting God.) I began not living the life I was talking about. I started noticing little by little Makenna pulling away, Markus getting quieter and Marcia rebelling like there was No tomorrow! ( She was out of control but all she was looking for was attention from her mom) I needed to ask myself, who was I doing this for? Was it for God? Was it really for my kids , my husband or was it for my own selfishness? As hard as it was to admit, the aswer was for me. Our kids could care less about having more toys, a bigger house, more cars, etc., They don't care about job promotions, titles, or how much money we make. What they do care about is if we are home to tuck them in at bed and to read them a story. They just want us and nothing else. God gives us an option to trust him or to do it on our own. When we trust him completely we never loose. We always win. We have to learn how to obedient and do what he ask . When he does ask to say yes, not I can't. We have to learn to be patient and realize its not going to happen this minute like we want it to. It will happen on his time. He wants us to continue to dream big, work on ourselves and do what we can with what we have everyday. But he also wants us to learn how to prosper where we are planted. To lead our children, families and communites. To take care of everything he has given us including our house, car and job. To learn how to build healthy relationships and when we take care of the blessings he has given us much more will be given. Just becasue you feel like a door might be closing, God is still working behind the scenes. He has a bigger plan for you life, if you are willing to let him take control, never lose focus on what is most important, and never stop dreaming. I haven't given up on my dream, but my ultimate dream will only be here for a few more years and then they will be living their own life. We have to remember what is most important and that there are seasons and reasons for everything...Taking TIME to raise our kids will not be something in vain. Its what God is calling us to do. The sacrifices we are willing to make today, will come back a hundredfold. Kim Watt

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