Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are you building or tearing down walls?

Most kids under the age of 10 years old are full of life. They love their parents, siblings, extenended family, friends and even themselves. There not afraid to dream big and anything is possible in their minds. They are not afraid to ask for anything and it doesn't matter how many times they hear the word No they keep on asking. They are determined and persistant. But then life starts to happen and how things don't always go as plan. They might experience a death in the family maybe a grandparent of even their own parent. They begin to feel abandoned, angry or confused. Maybe a friend, teacher, coach or someone they look up to tells him that he or she is to old to dream or use his or her imagination that those ideas are just fairy tales. Dreams don' t come true. So they take down their posters, ribbions, trophy's or awards they received and pack them away. Instead of foucsing on their gifts and what excites them most they begin to give up. They don't want to take the chance of someone laughing or talking about them. The seed of mediocracy has been planted and and years later they find themselves doing the samething the rest of their friends or family members stuck a a job that is safe and unfulfilling. A girl in middle school gets made fun of becasue she doens't have all the cool clothes and just doesn't fit in, but nobody takes the time to realize that this girl's mom passed away a few years ago. She only has a dad and he is trying his hardest to just make enouch money to put food on the table. The girl is lonely and begins to feel embarrassed about her life, who she is and where she comes from. Little by little these kids begin to feel the pain on how hard life can be. They don't know God, they feel alone and they begin to build a wall and each year that wall gets taller and taller. They are afraid to truly love or to be loved. One day that child wakes us but he or she is know longer a child but 80 years old and getting ready to die. She reflects back on her life thinking about all the time she wasted trying to be strong afraid to let the world see how broken she really was. Afraid that people might really see what she already knew.

She spent years hiding behind her wall and protecting herself with weapons. Her strongest weapon was her tongure. She gossiped, blamed and sometimes killed people with just her words alone. She pointed her finger at everyone accept herself. She hid not only behind her emotional wall but her house, kids, cars, money, clothes, food, shopping and even her weight. She tired to be perfect knowing though smallest thing could set her off. She was a ticking time bomb. Only once did she decides to let her wall come down. She thought if she married she would find happiness and that person whould fullfill her not knowing that she has to love herself first. She soon realized know matter what her husband did it was never good enough. She found herself feeling empty and alone. It didn't matter how many times her husband told her he loved her, there was something missing.

They have children thinking that will help bring her happiness and give her life meaning. One day her child that she dedicated her life to leaves the house and moves away. The child she gave everything to can barely pick up the phone to say I love you. She's bitter, angry and hurt and instead of letting go of the baggage she has been carrying around, finding forgiveness and asking for help, she decides to build the wall even bigger and stronger. She surrounds herself with people who tell her what she wants to hear becasue she knows the truth is something she can't handle. Do you know somoene like this? If we really look can we see ourselves in someway or form? I know I can. We tend to put walls up trying to hide the pain or hurt we have experienced in our life. We think we can fool the world but the only one we are fooling is ourselves. We think if someone sees who we really are they won't love or accept us.

I know this is when people will begin to shut me out, but there is an answer and there is hope out there. If you are hurting and wanting to let go of all the pain, guilt and resement from you life there is an answer. There is someone who can help you tear that wall down piece by piece. There is someone who can show you the way and help you live your life purpose starting today. Its time to let go of all those people who told you a lie that you are worthless. It time to start living your life that you were born to live. Its time to bring back that 10 year old little boy or girl filled with dreams and hope. Its time to know that nobody can hurt you unless you let them hurt you. Its time. The only person who can pull you up is God but only if you let him. We tend to forget about God, but him in a small box and think we have to do this thing called life alone. We think he doens't care about us or becasue you have been let down so many times that you even question if there is a God. I want you to know God is allive. He loves you and there is nothing to big for God to handle. Does he answer prayers? Yes! Does he make miracles happen? Yes! Does it mean he will always? NO. When we are in the middle of our storm and we can't seem to see the sun, know that the only sun you need is the Son of God and his name is Jesus Christ. He is with you as soon as you accept him back into your life. It doesn't mean he will take all your heartache away. God does have a purpose for your life and we may not see it now but one day his purpose will prevail. But what God will give you right now as you are fighting the wind, rain and hail, he will give you the strength to stand and he will hold you so you will not fall again. For those that are working on bringing down our walls, remember its something we have to work on everyday. We must not forget who we were and where we came from becasue when your path crosses someone with a wall,you will be able to recognize yourself and to remember you may be the only light this person has in their life. Don't take it personally when they lash out at you, just remember this is a hurt soul with many wounds. Show them love, compassion and forgivenss so in hopes they will let their wall fall.

-written by Kim Watt I'm jus a mom hoping to help one person at at time If you would like me to speak at your next event, please contact me on FB or send me an email. If you do not want me to tag you, please let me know...
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