Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Judmental Hypocrite?

Anytime someone would quote sciputre, it made me want to puke. If someone told me they were Christian, I would take one look at their life and think you judmental hypocrite. The thought of reading the Bible sent chills down my spine. I thought if I read the Bible it meant I had to be holy. If I read it everyone would think I'm strange or different. I knew I wasnt holy, strange maybe, but not holy. What would my friends and family say? What if people start talking about me? Does any of this hit home or sound familiar? I thought if I read the Bible I would have to say goodbye to fashion, wear long skirts, put my hair in a bun, no makeup and no fun. Those are two "F" words I love...Fashion and Fun! I was going to church on Sunday's but then lived a totaly different life style the other 6 days of the week. I wanted God to work for me instead of me working for God. I coudn't understand why my life was in the situation it was in. The only time I went to God was when I was broken, hurt and lonely. The rest of the time I tried to do it on my own, which by the way my way SUCKED! If you think the way I use to, here is a news flash. Those people you are so concerend about and afraid they might talk about you are talking about you right now! Don't let them hold you back from findng a deeper meaning and purpose for you life. By reading the Bible you will find a blueprint on how to live. You will find all the answers to money, success, marriage, parenting, betrayl, forgiveness, death and even SEX! I had know idea the Bible was so interesting. Its the best book I have ever read and you don't have to be some scholar to pick it up and undestand it. There are Bibles out there that are easy to read. Trust me, I need something that is very easy and have cliff notes to help explain to me what I just read! Having a relaitionship with God and reading his word is not about religion and rules. ( Religion is man made and where ever you find people you will always find mistakes) Once you begin to read the Bible it will shed light on so many questions you have. You know longer will have to go to your friends for approval or advice on marriage. You can take it right to God.( Its is important to have people you can trust to help you on your journey and hold you accoutalbe. Make sure its not someone who wants you to stay the same becasue missery loves company.) Reading the Bible, having God in the center of your life and being a Christian doens't mean you know longer can have fun either or expected to be pefect. . I'm having more fun in my life today than I ever have before and I'm by no means pefect. Today begin to read the Bible. You might be like I use to be, You believe in God but don't really know him. Get to know him he will be the best friend you will ever meet. If you can't do it for yourself at least do it for your kids. Also, Remember, becareful on who you call judmental hyporcrites. It wasn't them it was me. I was judging them not understanding where they were and how far they came. Those same people I have come to love because I'm no different from them.... Written By Kim Watt I'm not a pastor or a minister. I'm just a mom sharing my story hoping to help someone else. If you would like to comment or send me a message, please feel free to do so. Please, if you do not want me to tag you,please let me know or if I can tag you let me know...

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