Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Having a setback mean it's time to quit?

Four weeks ago, My oldest daughter who has a passion for gymnastics, was at the top of the game! She was looking strong in the gym, just had her best level 9 meet and getting ready to head to the windy city for one of our favorite gymnastics meet. 

This particular day, she was getting ready to leave for practice. For some crazy reason, things were not going her way.  I didn't like the feeling I was getting.    Normally, Makenna prays before every practice.  However, as she was getting out of the car, we prayed together and reminded her to say an extra prayer right before practice.  The rest of the day,while I was at home, I found myself stopping what I was doing and praying for her.

God is so good!  Mark went to pick up Makenna from practice but was able to get there early.  He loves to peak in and watch her do her thing!!  As he walked in the gym, Makenna was laying on the floor with a huge ice pack on her back.   She was hurt and it didn't look good.  Thankfully, our Chiropractor's office is right down the street.  He was still at work and able to see her right away.

What caused the accident?  It doesn't really matter.  What matters is she was OK, no broken bones or a broken spirit.  When Mark called me, I wasn't freaked out.  It was as if God already prepared my heart.  I knew everything was going to be alright.

Of course, when someone hears about her injury, the initial response is, "God must want her to stop"  Really?  Because in life things never go the way we want them to and going after something that makes your heart come alive, setbacks will happen.  It's called LIFE.   You can either quit or ask yourself how bad do you want it?  Sometimes, it can be God saying to stop and leading you to  another path, but it's not always the case.  We pray, Makenna prays and we ask God to give us the ears to hear him, if this is something He doesn't want her to do.  But, if he wants her to continue to keep the flame burning in her soul! 

So many blessings have come out of this one terrible accident.  It has been a great teaching lesson on so many levels for Makenna and especially for us as parents. .  She kept the right attitude even though she was experiencing pain and trauma to her back. (The crazy part is she never took any pain medication! She let her body heal on its' own) . Her team is leaving this weekend for a meet in Florida.  Makenna will not be getting on the plane with them.  Mark and I decided what was best for her overall health was for her to sit this one out.  She never fought us on our decision because she trust us and knows without a doubt that we have her best interest at heart..  She is choosing to not focus on what is lost but what lies ahead.  These past few weeks were not easy for her, hhowever, she  is well rested, back in the gym and more fired up to continue than she has ever been before! 

Bottom line,  It's all on how you decide to look at your life, your attitude when unfortuanate circumstnaces occur  and what you do with what is handed to you!

We give God all the Glory because it is truly Him working inside of her.  As parents, whatever God has planned for her, we know it is going to be something special just like her! 

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