Wednesday, March 6, 2013

God hears our cries...

If you are wondering if God hears your cries, I'm here to share with you he does.  He answers them if we just open our eyes to him and all his wonder.

God knows what was on my heart today.  As passionate as I am about spreading the Gospel and teaching his word, there are moments when doubt sets in.  I'm fearful I will buckle under pressure.  I will not be able to share the entire Word of God but only the feel good message that most people want to hear today.  I'm so afraid I will fall into prey of pleasing people instead of God.  I LOVE people.  I want only the best for anyone who has ears to hear the message.  I know personally what it is like to walk with Christ.  I just can't imagine my life without him. Unfortunately, there are many people who are not ready for this,  people I love dearly and that is OK. We need to meet people where they are without compromising His Word.

Years ago, Rejection would of killed me.  God has been preparing me for a time as this!  He keeps reminding me to stay focus on him, the people who He is bringing into my life and He will take care of the rest!  He knows my weakness but continues to fill me up with love from Him and some incredible people to give me the boost that I'm not alone.  He answered my cries again today but sending two special messages.  One message from someone I love deeply  and one from someone confirming a speaking engagement.  The love and encouragement He has been sending me these last few weeks are both overwhelming and humbling. 

He knows our hearts.  He knows what we need.  He hears our cries know matter how big or small.  If we take a step forward, He meets us there in the most amazing ways.  I'm so thankful for his grace, mercy, love and the strength to keep moving forward on the path he has set me on....Don't be afraid to cry out to the Lord.  He will be there, with open arms. He is just waiting on you....

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