Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Way to show your Husband Respect

Mark has been gone for the past few days on a business trip.  The last few days have been extra busy for me at home! You can only imagine four kids from ages 12 all the way to two years old.  Homeschooling while still potty training, running the kids to activities, doctor appointment and making dinner every night and then there is the bedtime!!!  I'm exhausted by just writing and thinking about all of this!!!  So, you can imagine why I can't wait until he gets home. I can't wait just to have some adult conversation!  However,  I've missed him but not for selfish reasons.  I'm not just looking forward to him getting home  so he can help me with the kids.  I'm excited for him to get home because I just want to hug him, hear about his conference and just spend time with him!

Years ago, it would of been reversed.  I would of been angry at him because he had time by himself.  He would of walked in the door and I would of had a laundry list of duties he needed to do because I felt he owed me something. He doesn't owe me anything.   If I did something for him, I would be expecting something back in return. My love was self seeking and not unconditional.

Thankfully, we both have changed.  Mark loves me and  works so hard to provide for our family.  When Mark is home, he is connected and fully present with the kids and me. 

In order for marriage to thrive, we need to take the focus off ourselves and learn how to RESPECT our husband and bring peace into our homes.  When Mark walks through those doors, I want him to want to see us not run the other way.

Dinner is waiting for him, house is cleaned and you won't hear this wife barking at him when he walks through those doors. 

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