Saturday, February 2, 2013

What are you speaking to your children?

Do we as parents speak life or death over our children?  Do focus on what they can't do or what they can do?  Do we as parents show our children through our attitude and actions that life has a greater purpose for us all?  Do we show them by example that yes life is Hard but we don't give up?  Are we showing our kids to have an entitlement attitude by what we expect or think we deserve to have or are we teaching our kids with faith and  hard work anything is possible?  Are we teaching are kids  to be self-centered and it's all about me or are we teaching our kids how to put other people first, sacrifice, love, forgiveness, patience, commitment, serving others, and that life isn't fair, to deal and make something out of what God has given them?  Do we hold our kids in fear by our owns insecurities and fears?  Are we truly allowing them to see and be all God created them to be?

Mark and I don't think we are world's greatest parents because we are not.  You may even get sick of hearing me say this or write this, but I really don't care!  It's only because of the forgiveness, grace and mercy of our lord Jesus Christ that has helped teach us how to become Godly parents.  Do we screw up?  Yes, every day!!! We tell our kids all the time that we are not perfect.  The only one they can truly depend on is God and to know who they are in HIM.

My son was told he has dyspraxia when he was 18 months old.  Yes, life hasn't always been easy for Markus and he has his own struggles. We have cried many nights for our son because the love we have for him. We know how mean the world can be.  However, at 10 years old, he sees life with possibilities and opportunities!  He has big dreams and goals for his life.  He recognizes that life is going to require hard work!  Best of all he has a faith and love for  God that is So BIG!   But when were told by doctors what he couldn't do, we choose tolook at God  see what he can do!!!

We are seeing the seeds that has been planted in Markus growing into a beautiful, magnificent, strong tree with plenty of fruit!  We know it has nothing to do with us, but God who has chosen to use us of for His Glory!!! 

we pray and seek the guidance of God everyday and hope we set the example our kids want to follow. If you want change in your life,  begin to speak life into yourself, your marriage, your children and your life and then take action!  Take my boy as an example, don't focus on what you can't do but what you can do and the purpose God has placed on your life.  Remember, our kids are watching and listening to our every move.  Love this quote I heard a few years ago, "your kids want to be who you are, so be who YOU want THEM to be."

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. -proverbs 18:21

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love this post! keep on! great testimony :)

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