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Homeschool Vs. Traditional

Homeschool Vs. Public School
by Kim Watt on Friday, September 24, 2010 at 10:20pm

Today, I was sitting at a table with a few home school mom's. We were all enjoying each others company because as any mom knows its so exciting when we can have adult conversation!

I heard a few ladies talking about "public" school kids and "homeschool" kids and as the conversation continued I couldn't help but think don't homeschool parents dislike it when they are stereotyped. When people think all homeschool kids are weird or have no social skills. But here they are doing the same thing talking about how ALL public school kids are basically bad or screwed up.

I'm a big advocate for homeschooling. I know the benefits and have experienced them first hand..( I will write about on a later date) I would encourage anyone who is even slightly thinking about homeschool to do it. I have met some amazing people and kids that have been homeschool. However, I do know that not everyone can or should homeschool for whatever reason whether financially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

As little as 6 years ago, I was not ready to homeschool and God new this. Thankfully he worked on me and prepared me for this time because I truly believe this is one of my callings on my life. Will I homeschool forever? I don't know. I hope so because the kids and I love it! But,only God knows that answer.

Today this article is not about traditional vs.homeschool. If homeschool is a calling on your life great, but be careful not to lump every kid into one category. I know amazing kids that attend public schools. Also, I know amazing teachers in the public school system and my kids have had a few of them.

The focus needs to be am I being the best parent and role model for my children. Are we parents working on ourselves and growing so we can teach our children by our example. Are we teaching our kids about Jesus? Because in this day and age whether you send your kids to school or home school the most important thing you can do for your kids is to show them God's love in EVERYTHING we do, tell them about God, set a good example and let them know without a doubt that God has a huge plan for their life. If we did this and focused on making ourselves better and stop pointing the figure at everyone else, I do believe our kids futures will be brighter. Today, we need to take a deeper look at ourselves and look at our kids. Yes, we are doing the best we can, but can it better??? Shouldn't our goal be to be open to change, to grow and to become more like Jesus???

Written by: Kim Watt

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