Friday, October 23, 2009

I had the opportunity to speak for Head Start the other day. I pray that God guides me and gives me the words to help someone and no matter how much I plan and prepare God takes me in a whole different direction. Isn't that true with everything in life? We may have a plan and have it all together and before you know it God will show you who really is in control! Even after I speak, I can be so hard on myself never thinking its good enough or focusing on what I didn't do or say. Again, its human nature I guess to be so hard on our selves but its not healthy. We can hold ourselves back from so many opportunities becasue we think we have to be better or we think we aren't good enough but the truth is we are good enough and if God thinks you are ready he will open the doors for you. He knows your heart and he knows what you need to learn and work on. When I release all my fears and doubt to him and know I did the best with what I knew and with what I had God will do the rest. Its not about me and its not about pleasing anyone but God. Today. learn to be grateful where ever you are and stop beating yourself up becasue you are perfect just the way you are and God will continue to mold you in the way he wants you to be. The only thing you have to do is to stay in his word and do your part and keep getting out there and never stop doing what he has called you to do. Remember with God all things are possible...

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